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Welcome to the Atma Studios.  Here you will find music and artwork created by us to share with you.
What we do is for meditation, healing, and fun.

The process is meditation, the experience is trance, and the results are this.
We hope you enjoy it.


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 If you would like to download any or all of our music for your personal listening and travels,  please donate any amount to help us maintain our website and our music.

You will be rewarded with higher quality songs and deep appreciation.

Thank you for your support. <3


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Maria Lea Rossetti, Alexy Boychuck
Claire Jones, Alberto Mier, Lenka Chandrika 
Daven Tillinghast, Jessie Erina Branch, 
Louis Van Camp, Skyla Kate,
Geoff Woodhouse, Ken Slater,
Ben Althauser, Russel Pumphrey