About Albums

Here you will find information about each album. The inspiration behind the project, the collaborating musicians.

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Forrest Gore – Open Up Your Eyes

Drawing by Birch Garcia

Vaisnava – Together

This album features musicians and singers Leah Rossetti, Alexey Boychuk, and Yio.

Artwork by Claire Jones at DiviantArt

Vaisnava – Dust Falling

Artwork by Claire Jones at DiviantArt

Vaisnava – Gradiant Spirits

gRadiant Spirits was the original spelling idea. Playing with the idea and imagination of a vast spectrum-gradient of colors, shades, and brightness for all the spirits in that universe that are continuously intertwined.

This album features the musicians Leah Rossetti, Daven Tillinghast, Mariam Georgia, and Jason Belcher.

DT & FG – Love Cannot Remain

Dialectric – Fuzzy Feelings

Our dream for “Fuzzy Feelings” was to create a groovy psychedelic blues rock album that is the perfect background music for a road trip, studying, or daydreaming. It’s a loving blend of synthesizers and acoustic instruments that keep the mood relaxed, chilled out, while exploding to the moon, or hanging on to one note in the air.

This album is a collaboration between Louis Van Camp and me.